Tuesday, March 17, 2009

WebCenter Interaction 10g Upgrate, could not find the Add a User-Agent String?!

In the WebLogic Interaction 10g version there is a new feature added to the experience rules manager, which allows you to add your own user agent variable, so you can switch your experience definition based on value in some of the http variables.

If you update your current portal version to 10g version maybe you will start to wonder, why you can see this button there in the rules manager. This is because you have to add it manually. This is working on the following why.

Go to the your portal install home, normally this is the Drive:\bea\alui or Drive:\oracle\alui and then go to the settings\portal\dynamicloads\Plugins folder and open the file ConditionTypes.xml. Add the following line to the file:

class name="com.plumtree.portalpages.condition.conditiontypes.ConditionTypeUserAgent"

Save the file and restart the portal. Now go to you Portal Administration and open one of the rules you created and you have to be able to see the button "Add a User-Agent String"


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