Monday, April 27, 2009

Connect to the ALI LDAP Directory Service

Starting with version 6.5 from the ALUI Portal now WebCenter Interaction the development team released a new service calls ALI LDAP Directory. This is a completely LDAP service which allows you to connect external applications more easier. If you get for example Ldapbrowser tool which you can download for free on the the this link, you can test how it works. To connect to the ALI LDAP Service you need the following information:

Host: the machine on which ALI LDAP has been installed
Base: ou=users,dc=bea,dc=com - this is the base where all groups and users are stored
User DN: uid=administrator,ou=users,dc=bea,dc=com

For 'uid' I used administrator, but you can use another account from the portal. Knowing this you can for example implement authentication from external application against the portal, which are not working in portal context!


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