Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Extend VMware disk

When I wanted to use more HDD in my virtual machine I just added new HDD to it. The problem is that each time you add new HDD to your VM, the VMware creates also new files. VM does not use the already created virtual disk (vmdk). Now I've just learn that there is a way to extend the HDD without the need to add new virtual hard drive. You can do this using the following command against the current vmdk disk in DOS console:

vmware-vdiskmanager -x 10GB your_virtual_disk_name.vmdk

How easy is that. 10GB is the end size you want to have. For example if you have HDD which is 10BG and you want to increase it to 20GB you have to use the following command:

vmware-vdiskmanager -x 20GB "your_virtual_disk_name".vmdk

After that start your VM and log in. You need to format the extended HDD. For example, if you use WIN2003 you can see that there is 10GB unformatted unused space which you can assign to a new disk.


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