Sunday, November 1, 2009

WCI September release

Since September 2009, there is a new WCI Patch Release This is NOT a new version of the WCI, it contains only bug fixes, as well as new Desktop integration for WCI Collaboration Office Task Bar Panel.

Release Notes Here

Whats more important here is how to find and download the patches. To be able to download them you need a Metalink Customer account! When you log in into the Metalink portal click on Patches & Updates and then on Simple Search. On the new page in the search field use the ID 8935278 to search for the WCI Patch or the ID 8935708  for the WC Collaboration Patch. After you clicked on the search button you see a screen with the result on which you have to click the download button to be able to download the patch.

I also figure out that for some reasons on IE sometimes you do not get any results, the page does not want to load or it loads but nothing appears:(. I do not have the problem in Firefox and Chrome. It is possible that we have a IE problem here, but I can not reproduce the problem unfortunately. If you have the same experience just try to use another browser if possible.


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