Monday, July 19, 2010

WCI Updates in Oracle Metalink

I’ve been asked several times, how to search and download patches and updates for the WCI portal. The support for WCI is very healthy and gives a lot of optimizations/updates you can install. Using the new Metalink interface is very easy to do, let’s start:

  • First thing you have to do, login into the Metalink (Oracle Support) portal using your customer account.
  • Inside the Metalink portal click on the Patches & Updates


  • On the right side you do have now a several options to search for :


  • Because we want to search for specific product, click on the link Product or Family (Advanced Search). The application will change the searchable options with the following screen:


  • In field Product type the name of the product, for example “Interactions”. You will get a list with suggestions, from which you can select the product you want. From the Release drop-down, select the version for which you look for updates. Next you can select the platform you run your portal application, like shown on the screen bellow:


  • Click now on search and you will get a screen with all available updates.  

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