Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WCI LDAP Directory query size limit

In one of my previously articles I was talking about how to export users from Oracle WebCenter Interaction LDAP Directory. This works well if you want to export a limited number of users. If you try to export all users registered inside the portal you will realize that you are not able to get more then 1000 users at once. In case you use some LDAP browser and then you click to export the entire user tree you will get only limited set. There are many reasons for this limitation but basically is done because of performance reasons.
In case you want to export all users let's say to migrate to another system you can change the limitation to a value which allows you to export all users. You can do this by doing following:

Go to the server where your WCI LDAP Directory service runs. The limitation is configured in the configuration.xml file, which you can find under: %WCI_INSTALL_PATH%/settings/.

Inside the folder open the configuration.xml file and search for the component: aluidirectory:backend:rdbms. Inside the component section you should see the following configuration:

        <setting name="query:sizelimit">
            <value xsi:type="xsd:integer">1000</value>

Change the value to a number which will allows you to export all users from the database. Make sure that you restart the LDAP Directory Service after you make the change.

IMPORTANT: After you finish with the export, change back to the original value and restart the service again.

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