Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cool sites and tools for web-fans

I suppose you also search in internet for new sites and tools you can use to support your work as web developer and make live easier or just to get faster to the point. In the last weeks I was looking for a tool which will allow me to fast sketch design, mockups and wireframes. I found very good one, which really works good for me. The name of the software is Balsamiq. It is very simple to work but powerful and brings you really fast to the point. The software is not for free but there is a personal license for a reasonable price. There is also 7 days free version, which you can download and use, so you can get some feelings about the software, if you interested give it a shoot.

Now about the sites, I was looking for sites explaining HTML5 technologies in a simple language and I found some really good, which I would like to share with you:

  • - written by Mark Pilgrim is very well done, really enjoy to read, so if you look for explanation what HTML5 technologies are, you really have to look this site. There is also printed version you can buy, if you want to support the author
  • – this site is also very well organized and gives you one of the best documentation examples of HTML5 I found up to know. If you know better one, do not hesitate to share with me, I am always very interested on.
  • – if you visit the page above, take a look also at those slides, really good, if you want to set up fast presentation about “What is HTML5”.
  • – this side is for those of you speaking German. It is a references with the basic technics, for fast check up.


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